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Let go of the past

What would you change in your life if you had a second chance?


Recently I watched a movie about a couple who wanted to divorce 20 years into their marriage. They both wished out loud they never married in the first place! And as it happens in the movies, at that moment they magically got dropped back to the past, 20 years ago, to try and stop their younger selves from getting married!


Of course, the younger versions of themselves were greatly in love and couldn’t believe this was what they would turn into 20 years down the line. They thought their love could conquer any obstacles! But is love alone enough to live happily ever after?

I thought that couple was incredibly lucky to be given a chance to see the results of their choices and that their life turned out to be far from the desired dream!


Unfortunately, we aren’t getting such chances in real life. Good or bad, we can only live to find out what will happen.


So why not give it our best shot? Why not show up every day as if it were the only day we had? And make such choices today that we won’t have to regret tomorrow?

Yes, it is not always easy. Yes, life has a lot of challenges. But if you know what you want, you can think of what kind of person do you need to be to have that ‘dream life’?


Would you accept a little bit of lie like it was the case with the couple in the movie? Although they were young and in love, it turned out they kept some secrets from each other that would make a bad impact on their relationship later.

Would you hold on to that resentment towards a loved person, would you be too proud to say sorry? Would you skip a few days of your good habits, would you let other people take control of your life?


If only you knew how your life would turn out 20 years down the line, you might choose differently.

So don’t wait for a second chance. Use your one and only shot right now. Start showing up as your best self, with your family, at work, in your social life. And never regret the past. You cannot do anything about it (unless you believe in the movie’s magic).


Instead, look at the future and think about what can you do right now to make it a happy one?

The choice is yours!


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