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Are you a glass half-full or a glass half-empty type of person?


And well… what has it got to do with the stress?


You see, our personality defines our default response to different situations. If you are an optimist and something doesn’t go according to your plan, your thinking would go “ok, I can fix it, or if not, I’ll be able to deal with it”. Whilst “the glass half empty” type of person might think “oh no, that’s a disaster, there is no way out of this situation!”.


Does any of those sound familiar?


Yes, we have a “default mechanism” in our mind that helps us assess everything around us and how it’s going to affect us, in other words, it’s called a “world view”, i.e. a set of beliefs we hold about everything and everyone in the world. Although some beliefs are helpful and keep us safe, like knowing that you shouldn’t try to touch an open fire with your hand, whilst other ones might be unhelpful and in addition prevent us from growing and evolving. Let’s say you believe that your job is too stressful, and your manager is unfair to you or expects too much of you. How easy would it be for you to assume that things would never change, that’s there is nothing you can do, and the situation overall is out of your control? Pretty easy, right?


Whilst imagine if instead, you believed that “yes, my job might be stressful at times when my team has to deliver a big project, but overall, it’s manageable and I enjoy it. I know that in any situation I can seek my manager’s support and they’ll understand me and value my opinion too.” What would be the result of such thinking? Perhaps, that you can not only make a difference in your organisation but also expect to evolve in your career.


Coming back to stress, which thinking pattern would cause you more stress – the negative or the positive one? Of course, the former. So, it’s no surprise that our mindset (i.e. the set of beliefs we hold) in fact determines the amount of stress we experience.


There are other factors to it too, but our Mindset is the most important one. So to reduce our stress level we need to work on our mindset, learn to see more positives in any life situations and manage our reaction to them, learn to let go of things outside our control, and focus on changing ourselves and our own behaviour rather than getting frustrated about the world or other people being a certain way.


So, are you a glass half-full or a glass half-empty type of person and how much stress is your mindset causing you?


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