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Olga frankow coach Does Your Environment Empower or Drain You?

We often underestimate the impact of our ENVIRONMENT on us…

When I worked in corporate companies, in these vast “open offices”, my colleagues were always amazed how I managed to keep my desk free of clutter. I guess, partially this habit came from my overly organised attitude to everything. As already at school I used to keep all my notebooks in the drawers in a particular order, my desk was always clean and organised, my mum was impressed to say the least. At the time I did it without any thinking, I just liked it that way. It is only later in life I learnt how beneficial such approach could be.

🔸️A modern office environment can be overwhelming, there are too many things going on at the same time – you receive emails at the speed much higher than your reading speed, someone next to you is always on the phone, someone else brings you a presentation to look at, then you don’t have time for a lunch, so you try to quickly eat something at your desk and the day goes by in a rush and stress. You don’t notice how over time the pile of “unresolved” papers (and emails) grows and then it becomes too big to sort out, so you might as well leave it for later when you have “more time”.⏰

🔸️In a world which moves at such pace and everything is constantly changing, we need to have an ANCHOR, something that gives us a feeling of control and stability. Your own space, whether at work or home, should be the place where you feel this way. A habit of keeping your desk (and work space in general) clean of clutter will help you not only avoid distraction and overwhelm, but also feel more organised and therefore in charge of your own time.

🔸️Once you create the RULES about what can and cannot stay at your desk, you’ll learn to expand these rules to your emails, your meetings and work attitude in general…

I will talk more about this in the next post. Stay tuned!


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