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Are you too busy to fulfil your highest potential? Feeling overwhelmed by work, stress or anxiety? On the edge of burnout? Learn to prioritise and pursue your long-term goals while creating a more balanced lifestyle.

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Create new habits to thrive in the fast-paced modern world and make the most of your time and energy, while keeping your emotional health in check.

inner balance.

Too busy to live your life to the fullest potential? Feel like stress and overwhelm took control over you? (or going through a challenging time in your life?)

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My exclusive online coaching programmes are tailored to your particular needs. They will help you gain a fresh perspective, better manage difficult emotions and begin to get your life back on track.

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Explore my regular workshops, talks and meetups, focusing on work-life balance, building better habits for success, fulfilling relationships and emotional wellbeing.

With the right approach & the right support
it is perfectly possible to create a balanced life

Whether you are going through a challenging time in your life, career or relationship … or have simply forgotten how to enjoy the moment without worrying about what’s next on your ‘to-do’ list, you can still find your way back to a healthier and happier self.

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Whether your focus is on determining career direction, conducting a job search or improving work performance, you will have access to one of our expert career consultants and career tools.
Reconnect With Yourself
Make space for yourself and prioritise your wellbeing. Recharge your inner battery and build your confidence.
Build Emotional Resilience
Minimise the effects of anxiety and negative thinking on your body and mind. Learn to manage difficult emotions and regain self-control.
Shift Your Mindset
Improve your self-awareness, find a new perspective and challenge your limiting beliefs.
Improve Your Relationships
Learn to better communicate your needs and values. Build better relationships in both your personal and professional life.
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Hi, I am Olga

I am a life coach and speaker, supporting and empowering professional women to unravel the busyness of their lives.

By combining my corporate experience with my customised coaching programmes, I help stressed and overwhelmed working women find more balance and wellbeing. My clients are often women working in demanding roles, who are committed to their careers but feeling weighed down by the never-ending pressures of corporate life. I use my expertise as a certified coach and previous project manager to guide clients towards creating a more sustainable work-life balance, with enough time for all the things they cherish in life.

In my client sessions, we work together on clarifying goals and priorities, identifying obstacles, and on building both a positive mindset and increased self-esteem.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Olga is an amazing life coach. She is very empathic and professional. Our sessions helped me truly understand what I want to reach and create the life I dreamed of. She is able to help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side.


Olga was my coach in a challenging period of my life. She helped me build self-confidence and identify priorities – not only professional, but also private ones. Sessions with her made me aware that my professional choices have a great impact on my entire life, including relations with people I love.


Olga coached me when I had been given additional responsibilities at work and was somewhat overwhelmed by the juggle between my career and family life. Sessions with Olga really helped me get everything into perspective and create more structure to my life, it was truly eye opening.


The sessions with Olga were easy flowing and she helped my partner and I improve our relationship. She is very knowledgeable and has helped us move through uncomfortable places and opened our eyes to see each other more clearly and with deeper understanding and love to one another.


Olga has a unique and intuitive ability to facilitate transformation by asking powerful questions that reach the very core of an issue. Along my journey with Olga I have experienced deep personal realisations that have impacted my outlook on life and created positive changes in my relationships.


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I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Olga. I initially contacted her for relationship coaching and I found some insightful thoughts and process which will help me on my personal development journey. With her recommendations I designed a map to guide me through future changes.


Thanks to sessions with Olga I gained more clarity on my life goals and my behavioural patterns. I structured different pillars in my life and obtained a well-balanced lifestyle. What previously seemed impossible to achieve, with Olga’s help was easier and I got happier and more fulfilled.



Review, Refresh & Restore

As a transformational life coach, I believe everyone deserves happiness and success. I am here to help you review your life’s priorities, and to offer you the structure and support to realise your goals and restore your wellbeing. Do get in touch, if you are ready to take that next step!

Olga Frankow

Balanced Lifestyle Coach, Speaker
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